Hike Enterprise

We are camera and photography equipment store located in Georgetown, Penang.

Looking for New Digital Camera?

Get the correct camera for your needs. From Simple, semi-pro to pro level camera.

Our Product Range

We supply new camera, lens, camera accessories, photography equipment, video equipment, studio lighting equipment and so on.


DSLR Camera, Semi-Pro Camera, Mirrorless camera, Compact camera & so on.


Zoom Lens, Prime lens, fixed lens & etc for DSLR camera, Mirrorless camera.

Photography Equipment

Speed light, studio light, flashgun, LED light, Stand, tripod, backdrop and etc. You name it, we have it.

Fujifilm X100V Pre-Order

Fujifilm X100V Pre-Order. The 5th Genaration of Classic Compact. 4 February 2020 – 23 February 2020. Many good things to promo! Hurry up. Take a look now.

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