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There are many brands and types of camera available in the market. Which camera really suit a person and take a good photo?

Digital SLR Camera

For professional, highspeed and hobbist. Required some skill and knowledge to take a good photo.

Mirrorless Camera

Lightweight, good quality as Digital SLR camera. Suitable for both Photo and Video shooting.

Semi-Pro Camera

Partly control on the camera setting. Good for entry & intermediate level users. Suitable for traveller too.

Compact / Smart Camera

Good for users who don’t like to border about the technical skills. Just press the shutter to shoot photo.

Action Camera

For sports activities such as cycling, hiking, and etc. For both photo and video shooting.

Drone Camera

Shoot photo from top. Aerial view angle which normal camera cannot do. For landscaping, sports and event.

Factors to decide which camera suit you best


What you want to use this camera for? For professional work, leisure, traveling, general use shooting, shooting insects, shooting landscape?

Application / Usage

What you want to shoot? Where you want to shoot? How fast is the object moving? What is the lighting condition?

Pricing & Brand Preference

Brand and pricing determine the decision made.

Camera Size

Camera has a few sizes based on their type. DSLR generally required a separate bag to keep it. Mirrorless camera has smaller size and easy to keep it. Are you outing alone or with baby?

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