CANON EF28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM Lens

  • Filter size : 77mm
  • Max aperture : f/3.5-5.6
  • With ring USM motor and IS
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EF28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

This ultra-high quality zoom lens covers the entire zoom range from 28mm wide-angle to 300mm telephoto. With three UD lenses and three aspherical lenses, chromatic aberration and distortions are thoroughly suppressed, realizing an approximately 11x zoom range with image quality suited to an L lens. And because the lens comes with an image stabilization mechanism that can compensate for approximately 3 shutter speeds*1, users can take advantage of its full capabilities during handheld shooting at 300mm telephoto and in locations with insufficient lighting.

The lens uses environmentally friendly lead-free glass, and with an optimized lens coating and optical design, it minimizes flare and ghosts, which often occur with digital cameras. In addition, it features a zoom ring friction control mechanism, making it possible to freely set zoom operations, and enhanced dust-proof and drip-proof*2 design for shooting under severe conditions. The lens also comes with high-speed AF and full-time manual focus system. This ultrahigh-performance zoom lens meets the demands of all users from professionals to photo enthusiasts.

*1 Based on shutter speed of “1/focal length” seconds, said to be the limited for hand-held photography without image stabilization.

*2 Dust-proof and drip-proof models: EOS 1Ds Mark III, EOS 1Ds Mark II, EOS 1Ds, EOS 1D Mark III, EOS 1D Mark II N, EOS 1D Mark II, EOS 1D, EOS 1V/HS

  • Focal length and maximum aperture : 28-300mm 1:3.5-5.6
  • Lens construction : 23 elements in 16 groups
  • Diagonal angle of view : 75° – 8°15’
  • Focus adjustment: Ring-type USM, inner focusing system, full-time manual focus
  • Closest focusing distance : 0.7 m/ 2.3 ft., 0.3 x magnification
  • Filter size : 77 mm
  • Max. diameter x length, weight : ø 92 x 184 mm, 1,670 g/ 3.6” x 7.2”, 3.7 lbs.
  • Equipped with IS



Angle of View (Diagonal) 75°~8°15’
Angle of View (Horizontal) 65°~6°50’
Angle of View (Vertical) 46°~4°35’
Closest Focusing Distance (m, ft) 0.7/2.3
Construction (groups elements) 16-23
Diameter x Length (mm) (Max.) 92 x 184
Distance Scale o
Drive System Ring-type USM
Filter Size (mm) 77
Max. Magnification (x) 0.3
Min. Aperture 22~38
No. of Diaphragm Blades 8
Anti-dust and Moisture Supported
Weight (g) (Approx.) 1670
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