• Dual-Handle, 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal
  • For iPhone Models up to 7 Plus
  • For Select Samsung S8, S8+, and More
  • For GoPro3/4/5
  • 5 x 1/4″-20 Threaded Accessory Mounts
  • Slide Arm to Balance / No Counterweights
  • Up to 1-Sec Exposure for Low-Light Use
  • Remote Control Shutter Button on Handle
  • Automatic Vertical Mode Switching
  • Up to 8-Hour Run-Time on One Charge
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SPG Plus 3-Axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal

Professional Photography Platform for Phones


Dual Hand, Doubled Stability

The SPG Plus Pioneers dual handle system in smartphone gimbals to bring ultra stability one step forward. By holding with two hand, the impact from bod shakes on the video is minimized. You can route your video precisely just with you phone now. More gestures are also made possible : you can use both hands to add steadiness, or hold it with one hand to extend your reach.

With the SPG Plus, your videos are always in good hands, but never heavy ones, since the light burden is made even lighter as you even it up between two hands.


A Professional Plateform for Extension Accessories

With five 1/4 inch screw ports on the SPG Plus, you can extend your phone’s videography capability boundlessly. In dark environment, you can attach flashlights or LED lights on your SPG Plus via cold shoes. Your subjext can be so greatly highlighted that every pixel is beautiful like real.

Mounted with a professional microphone, the SPG Plus can deliver clear, crisp and directional audio.The original soundtrack is instantly ready for your final masterpiece.

The SPG Plus introduces modular design to cater for your uncompromised photography standards. Unlimited expansion capability spells the difference between other gimbals and a professional phone photography platform.


Revolutionary Slide-Arm Mechanism for Wide Range of Phones and Cameras

The SPG Plus replaces conventional counter weights with a sliding arm mechanism to enable fast and precise gravity center adjustment through simple knob and sliding track. It’s easy as turn and slide to cater for phones of all sizes and weight.

The SPG Plus supports all phones between 55-83mm in width and 110-220g in weight, and GoPro HERO3, HERO4, and HERO5 cameras.

With the SPG Plus slide-arm mechanism, you can easily balance your phone attached with accessories like a heavy metal lens clip. Android phones, iPhones, phablets, the SPG Plus can adapt to all your phones without extra counter weights.

The SPG Plus works terrifically with action cameras like the GoPro HERO5. It’s half burden for twice versatility.


Intelligent Face Tracking

Feiyu ON features intelligent face identification system to accurately identify and focus on human faces, and drive the gimbal following the face’s movement. Placed on any ground, the SPG Plus can be your personal photographer to make extraordinary selfies effortlessy.


Intelligent Time Lapse On-the-Go

For the exceptional beauty that time lapse photography presents, the SPG Plus perfectly stabilize your phone and eliminates every tiny vibration there might be. Additionally, the Feiyu ON APP makes the best for the 360 unlimited panning, and enables auto-spinning time lapse mode. Your time lapse photography is made even more dynamic.


Always Work with a Pro

The SPG Plus is tailored for professional photography. In a rush or in need of a jib, you can count on the SPG Plus for consistently steady footages. Various intelligent modes cater for your diverse application scenarios.


Image Optimization in Dark Environment

By integrating unparallel 3-axis stabilization and optimized base coding, the SPG Plus allows for up to one second exposure time and remote control from the shutter button on the handle. You don’t even need a tripod or an LED flashlight to take awesome photos in dim light.


Intelligent Vertical Mode for Live Streamers

Based on attitude detection, the SPG Plus automatically identifies vertical screen trends and switch to vertical mode. Accessories like assistive lamp and microphone can bring a live streamer to the real spotlight.


Industrial Design Redefined for Utmost User Experience

Split-level fixture can extent and collapse in both ways, saving user’s effort in installing and removing the phone. It also allows for precise vertical gravity center adjustment to ensure the best balance between stabilization and durance. The purposely designed metal sandblast handle with Silica cover brings forth unprecedented tactile comfort.

The SPG Plus utilizes one ICR 22650 Li-ion battery to enable up to 8 hours maximum runtime. It also allows users to charge through its built-in charging port with a power bank during use.



Adaption iPhone 7 Plus/7/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/SE/5c/5s/5
Titling Angle 320°
Rolling Angle 100°
Panning Angle 360°
Tilting Increments 2°/s ~ 75°/s
Panning Increments 3°/s ~ 150°/s
Battery 22650 / 1pcs
Firmware Upgrade
Vertical Shooting
App Setting
Compatible with Accessories
Balance Adjustment
Usage time 8 Hours
Weight 518g (Not including battery and iPhone)
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