• Constructed : High-quality aluminium legs (not made of plastic)
  • Innovative and elegant design, easy to use
  • Compatible with quick change with change plates
  • Maximum load : 2 kg
  • Length Adjustable from 28 to 37 cm

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The Firmcam Cobra camera stabilizer is a video stabilizer system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on compact cameras and camcorders. The “Cobra” features aluminum construction, comfort grip handle, super-smooth gimbal, polished chrome counter-weight, rubberized camera mount and thumb stabilizer making the “Cobra” the most affordable full-featured stabilizer base on a mini and portable shape.

With the flotation you will receive a high quality product in brand Firmcam tripods sophisticated design and high functionality. The tripods are suited for almost all the camera systems. Smooth and quiet as possible without camera wiggle rides. Highest value in the materials placed on sturdiness and lightness. It is constructed from high quality aluminium Cobra. Tripod Head Quick change from the base plate to the wheels and also adjusting 100% Aluminum. Complements stainless steel carrying axes and a brass Justierbuchse.

It is constructed from high-quality soft aluminium Cobra Ebest Pig. The quick release plate with millimetric selection makes for a different camera systems in balance. The grip of Lowfriction – Gimbals safe Gummed haptics, and features an adapter to wear with popular threaded extension systems. The Cobra Tripod can be moved out of 280 mm Packaging dimensions to a height of 370 mm. The foot can be supplemented with as many weights. Available weights 0.1 kg and 0.05 kg weight possible.

The Cobra Ebest Pig soft ideal for small to medium cameras, smartphones and. These can be mounted to the optional through a special holder to the tripod.

The maximum load capacity is 2 kg weight (without additional weight).

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