LED RING LIGHT 12″ BEAUTY LIVE RING LIGHT (3200K – 5600K) (Free Shipping)


  • Light Size : 12″
  • Output Power : 12W
  • LED Quantity : 160PCS
  • Dimmer : 10% – 100%
  • Color Temperature : 3200K – 5600K
  • DC Power Input : USB 5V/2A-3A
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Product information

The ring light has 160pcs premium LED beads. The LED beads has less heat to increase the lifespan. The shell is high-strength ABS, sturdy and durable, beautiful and fashionable, it’s light and handy, simple design, easy to carry. Make the live show more effective. It’s simple to operate, stepless dimmer and Bi-color. Output is 12W, power supply with USB.


+ Key : Press once to increase the brightness by 10%, long press brightness will increase to 100%.
Model Key : Press once and change the function mode once
– Key : Press once to reduce the brightness by 10%, press long to reduce the brightness by 100%
On/Off Key : Press once to turn on or off. The default brightness is maximum.
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