• Wireless Remote Shutter Release
  • Minimizes Vibrations
  • Good for Close-ups & Time Exposures
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The Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control is a wireless shutter release capable of instantly triggering the shutter of select Nikons, without disturbing the camera, up to a distance of approximately 16′ (4.87 m) in front of the camera. The remote can work from behind the camera as well, however its range is not as long. It is recommended for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure, and it is powered by a CR-2025 3v battery. The ML-L3 supports the bulb exposure camera setting making it a worthwhile accessory for shooting long time exposures for low-light photography or unusual daylight effects.



Release Type Wireless: IR (Infrared)
Camera Connection Nikon IR
Interval Timer/Programmable No
Live View No
Mobile Device/App-enabled No

Enables wireless remote shutter release. Trigger the shutter remotely when using slower shutter speeds to prevent camera movement. 


The range is approx. 16 ft in front of the camera. 


Useful for triggering the shutter remotely when using slower shutter speeds, to prevent camera movement.


Infrared Remote Control enables wireless remote shutter release of select Nikon D-SLR, Nikon 1 and COOLPIX cameras. 


The ML-L3 offers an immediate release mode and two second delay mode.


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