• Attaches to Most Belts or Straps
  • Withstands 200 lb of Force
  • Arca-Type Compatible Plate
  • Manfrotto RC2 Adapters
  • Use as a Tripod Clamp
  • Safety Lock
  • Plate Lock
  • Four Anchor Connection Points
  • Non-Twist Padding
  • Corrosion Resistant and Weatherproof
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The Capture PRO Camera Clip from Peak Design is a camera holstering system that securely holds your camera without the traditional camera strap. The system is made up of a clip and a PROplate quick release plate, which together can support up to 200 lb. The quick release plate is compatible with all Arca-type clamps. Adapters for Manfrotto RC2 heads are included. With the adapters attached, the PROplate is compatible with Manfrotto RC2 heads that attach to a compatible plate at two points, along the head’s locking cam lever and directly across from the lever. These include RC2 heads designed by Manfrotto for still photography. RC2 heads that attach to a plate at three points, along the head’s locking cam lever and at two corners opposite the lever are typically incompatible with the PROplate with RC2 adapters. Such heads with a three-point connection frequently appear in Manfrotto RC2 video heads. The clip can attach to any backpack strap, bag, or belt less than 3″ wide. It is ideal for photographers who need their hands free and also need instant access to their camera.

To use the system, attach the quick release plate to your camera, clamp the clip around a strap or belt and secure in place by tightening the two hand-tightened bolts. Your camera slides into the clip, locks in place, and will not detach until you push the quick release button to release it from the clip.

The CapturePRO Camera Clip can also be mounted directly to a tripod or monopod and be used as a quick release clamp. It features a 3/8″-16 thread and a 3/8″-16 to 1/4″-20 reducer bushing is included.

The CapturePRO Camera Clip with PROplate also comes with a 4mm hex wrench for securely installing your plate on the camera, four attachment screws for the RC2 adapters, and a microfiber pouch for storing your clip when it is not in use.

  • A safety lock can be activated by turning the release button, preventing accidental release and theft.
  • 4 corner-mounted Anchor connection points for Peak Design camera straps.
  • Injection-molded rubber pads on the quick release plates mold to the bottom of your camera and prevent your camera from twisting during use.
  • A plate locking-knob tightens down onto the plate for extra rigidity and for point-of-view video.
  • Your camera can lock into the CapturePRO in multiple directions allowing you to easily change lenses.
  • All parts are made of corrosion resistant and weatherproof materials.



Material Aluminum
Tripod Mount Thread Size Female, 3/8″-16 with 1/4″-20 bushing adapter
Camera Mount Thread Size Male, 1/4″-20
Dimensions Clip : 4.1 x 2.1 x 1.1″ (10.4 x 5.2 x 2.8 cm)
Plate: 1.5″ (3.8 cm) wide when installed onto clip
Weight Clip : 3.9 oz (110.0 g)
Plate: 1.1 oz (31.2 g)
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