SONY AKA-SF1 Skeleton Frame For Action Cam (Free Shipping)


  • Provides Access to All Cable Connections
  • Includes Two Different Attachment Pieces
  • Multiple Tripod Mounting Threads
  • Works with HDR-AS10, HDR-AS15, HDR-AS20
  • Also Works with HDR-AS30, HDR-AS100

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Waterproof case not required

The skeleton case lets you securely mount Action Cam to a tripod without putting it into the waterproof case first


More flexible shooting

Action Cam can be placed into the skeleton frame in various positions, right side up or upside down, facing forward or backward


Shoot from all angles

The L-type attachment included can be fixed to the left or right of the frame, giving you even more shooting options


Power up

The connector cover can be opened while Action Cam is mounted so you can connect and charge through a USB cable


Make clear audio recordings

With the skeleton frame fitted, you can still plug in an external microphone (sold separately) using the stereo mini jack


Play video on the big screen

The skeleton frame also allows access to the HDMI output so you can screen the footage you just shot



Mount the Action Cam without the waterproof case


Can be placed in various positions in the frame


The L-type attachment allows for more shooting angles


Connect to power or a screen while mounted


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